Angličtina 5. B - Mgr. Petra Kalinová

Week 2

Opakujeme: číslovky (i 100); jednoduché rozhovory podle videa; hodiny - čas (What's the time? It's quarter to 8.); plural: flower x flowers.

English lesson on Monday: Room "5.A"!


Classroom language - What's this?



Week 3

Classroom objects (revision) - slovíčka + umbrella, watch, bag; MAN, WOMAN

Classroom instructions p. 4 Wkbk + Repeat!; Clean the board!; HOW DO YOU SPELL...? HOW DO YOU SAY...?

Workbook p. 2,3


Week 4


1. Dialogue

B: My name's Ben./I'm Ben. How are you?

K: I'm Katy. I'm fine. And you?

B: Fine. See you later.

K: See you.


2. Instructions

Repeat! Open your book! Take a pencil!


3. What's this?

1R 2U 3B 4B 5E 6R - rubber

1S 2H 3A 4R 5P 6E 7N 8E 9R - sharpener.